About Us

Here at Precision Air Duct Cleaning we strive to provide our customers with the most positive service experience possible. Our technicians are handpicked for their honesty, cleanliness, communication skills and problem solving abilities. Precision Air Duct Cleaning specializes strictly in the cleaning aspect of the HVAC and clothes dryer industry; we do not do any repairs, additions or alterations and therefore have no vested interest in up selling our clients on any additional services. Our staff is very familiar with how HVAC systems work and if any present or potential problems are spotted during our cleaning we will always let the customer know.

Unlike most other Los Angeles air duct cleaning companies Precision Air Duct Cleaning uses state of the art cleaning equipment to remove built up debris such as drywall dust, sawdust, pet dander, pollen, soot and other contaminants. Our air duct cleaning tools abrasiveness can be adjusted to the correct settings to ensure we do not damage your air duct system. Our tools are also flexible enough to make it through the difficult turns, connection pieces and different sized ducts throughout the home to ensure every accessible part of the system is thoroughly cleaned.

Our outstanding reputation amongst the greater Los Angeles and surrounding areas has been built upon our ability to always be on time, to get the job done within the estimated time frame, being respectful of the customers’ special requests, taking precautions to ensure nothing gets damages during the set up and cleaning process and always leaving the work space cleaner then when we arrived. Whether you need your air ducts, air conditioner, furnace/heater, registers/grilles or dryer duct/vent cleaned, Precision Air Duct Cleaning is here to help.

Precision Air Duct Cleaning is fully licensed, bonded and insured. License #1046498

Our Staff

Garrett Mooney

Garrett Mooney

Co-Owner & CEO

Hello, my name is Garrett Mooney and I am the owner of Precision Air Duct Cleaning. I was born into a family of architectural sheet metal workers. After school and during summer vacation I would spend his time learning different aspects of the trade. Once I graduated high school I went on to became a journeyman and learned how to do metal roofing, rain gutters, coping, custom flashings and many other types of sheet metal work including building custom air ducts. As the economy slowed down so did new construction. I was forced to find other work to support myself. I ended up landing a job at an air duct company with the promise that I would one day become a foreman.

In the beginning, I was very skeptical of the whole air duct cleaning industry. I didn’t believe that air ducts could really be that dirty because air was constantly moving through them, so everything should get blown out as the system runs, right? Wrong. My first day on the job my boss called me over to an air duct he was cleaning and illuminated the debris with a flash light. I couldn’t believe my eyes, there was so much stuff coming out that all you could see in duct was what looked like concentrated smoke. After we finished cleaning the remaining ducts and air handler he took me outside to the negative air machine (that removes and contains debris) and showed me what we had removed, I couldn’t believe my eyes at how much debris had come from the system. The very same customer called the office 10 days later to let us know that his headaches had gone away, he could breathe better and the overall he felt healthier. It was after that phone call that I realized air duct cleaning really did have a purpose and that I could possibly improve people’s health.

I took it upon myself to fully learn the trade. I paid close attention to my bosses’ teachings and learned everything I could about air duct cleaning. After sometime I finally attained the foreman position. Because of my unique attention to detail and honesty, a lot of high end, rich and famous clients would not let anyone else but myself work on their projects. After sometime I grew to dislike the way the company I worked for was treating certain clients and its employees. Although I stood up for the customers and employees the owners were to “Business Minded” and stubborn to do what was right and fair. I decided that I would no longer be part of a group that couldn’t see eye to eye with others and quit. I then started Precision Air Duct Cleaning. I am now able to work with my customers and technicians in an understanding, ethical manner and provide some of the best air duct cleaning Los Angeles has to offer.