Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

Air Duct Cleaning Mess Prevention Tools

Mess Prevention Supplies

These range from plastic sheeting to cover shelving, tables, etc. tarps to cover your floor under every air duct vent. Shoe Guards so that dirt is not tracked around on light colored carpets and rugs. Cleaning agent and rags to make sure that no finger/hand marks are left behind by our technicians.

Access Tools

Access tools are the devices used to create entry points in the HVAC system to facilitate inspections and cleanings. These entry points may range from small holes used for visual inspections and cleaning tools, to larger entry panels to accommodate for bulkier equipment and service technician entry. Each entry point made is securely closed after use.

Inspection Tools

Visual inspection tools are used to evaluate the buildup of contaminants inside your HVAC system and to monitor the success of the cleaning. Some of the tools are: Hand held mirror, Camera, closed circuit television and a periscope device.

Air Duct Cleaning Tools

Air Duct Cleaning Tools

This includes all our dust agitation and cleaning devices. Included in our list are many different types of brushes, air skippers, air whips, blowguns, powered brushes, Fogger for deodorizers and disinfectants . These tools are used to agitate all the debris in the air duct to allow the vacuum collection device to suck all contaminants out of the duct work and into the collection device.

Compressed Air Machine For Air Duct Cleaning

Compressed Air Source

Many of the tools used by our technicians to clean your HVAC system are pneumatically powered. This means that they are powered by compressed air. This is done with a air compressor. Fiber glass lined metal duct work, flex duct, and duct board can be damaged by overly aggressive removal techniques and must be handled accordingly. We use two different pressure valves in our system to make sure there is never too much pressure inside the duct work in order to prevent any damage.

Vacuum Devices

Vacuum collection devices are used to create negative pressure within the HVAC system, in order to control the spread of contaminants during the cleaning process. Basically this is a high powered vacuum. This collects all the debris inside the your system as it’s agitated by our other hand held devices.