Air Duct Cleaning FAQ

How long will cleaning my air ducts take?

Every job is different but to give you an idea a house with 12 vents and one F.A.U. Will take 3-4 house while a house with 30 vents and 3 F.A.U.’s. Will take 7-8 hours.

Do my kids need to leave the house?

That will be at your discretion, there will be a 12inch diameter hose and another smaller hose running through the house from room to room and the registers may be on a protective tarp on the floor, so we recommend your kids not be running freely around the house.

What exactly do you do?

Well first we lay a protective cloth beneath each register and grille and cover anything in the immediate area with plastic. we then carefully remove each register/grille and lay them on the protective cloth, we then check the durability of the ducting to determine the psi we will be using to do the cleaning. Depending on how dirty the registers/grilles are they will either be hand washed or taken outside for cleaning. We then clean each duct individually using our state of the art Scorpion air whip system assisted by a large negative air machine to remove all the debris from your air movement system. We then focus on cleaning the accessible components of the F.A.U.(s). Such as the blower, heat exchange compartment, evaporator coils and the plenums which are metal boxes where the ducting ties into the F.A.U. We then also clean the ducting from the plenums outward to ensure all accessible debris is removed. After the cleaning in complete the registers and grilles are put back in place and everything is cleaned up ensuring there is no mess left behind.

Is there going to be dust flying all over my home?

No. While the debris is being agitated the duct is under negative pressure so anything that would potentially fly out is captured by our powerful negative air machine.

Is there going to be any hidden charges or up sales on the job?

No. As long as the information obtained during the bid is true and correct such as number of vents and F.A.U.’s we do not change our price.