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A couple of weeks ago I noticed my allergies were acting up. I wasn’t sure why since I never have an issue with them, especially this time of year. The funny thing was they only seemed to act up when I was home. I shrugged it off since I keep an extremely clean house, no dust, dirt, or anything like that.

I talked to a friend of mine about it and she recommended that I get my air ducts cleaned, as that may be the issue. She gave me the number for Precision Air Duct and I scheduled an appointment. Garrett came out to my house and did an inspection (which was free – amazing) and showed me the build up in the ducts. I’m embarrassed to say, but they were filthy! I was actually sneezing while looking at it. They HAD to be cleaned. Garrett finished up the estimate and showed me how much it would be. I felt the price to be extremely reasonable so I made the appointment.

I asked if they could come as soon as possible and Garrett accommodated me by coming the next day, which was really great since I didn’t want to have to wait after the weekend. They arrived at the time they said they would and immediately got to work. They covered the floors, piano, couches, TVs, and other valuable in plastic so nothing would get dirty. That was nice of them, but they were so efficient I have a feeling they didn’t need to because I didn’t see any dust or dirt on them. My allergies didn’t even act up while they were working! To top it off, they even cleaned my dryer vents for free! After they finished and cleaned up, he showed me my ducts. What a difference! They looked brand new; it was unbelievable.

The best news is, since they did the work, I haven’t had any issues with my allergies. These guys are great and I’ve already recommended them to friends and neighbors. Thanks, Garrett and Precision Air Duct Cleaning!

Matt M.

I had precision air duct cleaning come out when i noticed all the dust clinging to my vents and also having to constantly dust my house. After they finished i could breath the difference in my air quality and my house hasn’t been getting so dusty all the time Garrett and Joey were both very friendly, thorough and on time. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of this service.

Henry T.

Wow I can’t believe how thorough these guys were. They were very friendly and answered all my questions. They covered all my belongings around the vents and even showed me how the extraction tools worked. I will definitely be using them again in the future. Thank you precision air duct cleaning.

Adam W.

I noticed dust particles appearing on our bathroom countertop when we turned on the heater in winter. Talked to my neighbor and she recommended Precision Air Duct Cleaning. Garrett gave me an estimate over the phone based on the number of vents we had. They came out in a few days and did the job. A little more $ for our cruddy dryer vent and a run to the Do-It-Center for a flex pipe. Three and a half hours later, good conversation with Garrett and his side-kick Jeremiah, and the job was done and they cleaned up nicely. No crap flying out of our vents! Yahoo!

Karen L.

I just wanted to write a quick review to let you know how pleased I was with your service! I spoke with Garrett on the phone who was extremely friendly and knowledgeable about the world of air duct cleaning. After talking on the phone I decided to go with Precision Air Duct Cleaning! He showed up right on time at 8am and went straight to work. I was very impressed with his professionalism, attention to detail, and respect for our home, protecting all our furniture and valuables with plastic and tarps top protect them for getting dirty. I will be recommending your company to all my friends! Thanks again to Precision Air Duct Cleaning!!!

Jonny D.

Amazing! I can’t believe how great Garrett is at his job; not only did he treat my house with respect and care, he also explained in detail everything he was doing. Very friendly and so helpful when I started asking questions about house maintenance. He also brought several things to my attention, and he fixed little problems free of charge. His worker was also very nice and I felt as ease with both of them and would recommend them highly.:)

Kira S.

Garrett and JC were great. They were very professional and friendly and on time. The job took a few hours because they were very thorough. We just moved into this house and I could not believe how much debris and dirt came out of the ducts. They really do clean from the inside out. Not just a few feet into the duct. I noticed a huge difference in the quality of the indoor air by the time the job was done. I highly recommend Precision Air Duct Cleaning to all.

Deborah P.

My dryer duct had not been cleaned in over 30 years. Precision’s teams got it unclogged and did not rush through the process. They were on time and courteous and very professional. Just the way it should be!

Jennifer B.

Garett and JC did a wonderful job cleaning our air ducts! We will not hesitate to call them again. I want to just copy and paste what everyone else is saying because it is all true! Thank you Precision Air Duct Cleaning!

Zach S.